To hell with the ugly title

To Hell With The Ugly (La Poule Noire, ARTE digital) is a jazz-noir comedy adventure game based on Boris Vian’s novel “Et on tuera tous les affreux”.

  • Platforms : PC, Consoles
  • Release : TBA

Audio extracts :

Reveal teaser :

Play the demo on Steam

On this project I was responsible for the complete audio, from sound & music design down to the audio code. My work included :

  • Audio direction & design
    • Synthjazz-film-noir pastiche soundtrack
    • Focus on story flow across scenes through music & SFX transitions for a cinematic feel
    • Detailed SFX for immersion in the 50’s’ Los Angeles
  • Audio tech
    • Custom pipeline on top of Unity’s audio layer
    • Flexible 2D attenuation system
    • Multi-layer synced music system
    • Implementing audio in the scenes’s staging by script
  • Generic tech
    • Additional programmer on various gameplay features