Evil Blind Mutant Monster Attack is an  asymetrical 2-player game created with 3 other students of ENJMIN.
It was favorited by three members of the jury in the Game à Niaque contest, and won both the 1st prize of the jury and the 1st prize of the public in the ‘Jeux Accessibles’ contest organized by the CNAM.

“Evil Blind Mutant Rabbit Attack [previous name of the game] has seduced Pastagames, Bulkypix, Pohlm Studio and Michel Ancel who was passing on our booth this Saturday!” (Thomas Lebeau & Philippe Coste, organizers of the Game à Niaque contest)

Evil Blind Mutant Monster Attack is a two-player-only game. The first one is a scared scientist and plays with no sound. The second one is a blind monster and plays with headphones but without any visual feedback. The monster has to catch the scientist, with the only help of sound, by locating the terrified shouts of the scientist.


 My work on Evil Blind Mutant Monster Attack :

– Conception of an asymetrical audio-based gameplay
– Focus on the readability and immersion of sound design in an audio-only context
– Implementation of exagerated sound spatialisation for the players
– Integration of Wwise in Game Maker
– Establishment of a fun/crazy artistic direction


Team : Guillaume Saby (Programmation), Leevï Galita (Graphics), Martin Bussy & myself (Sound Design, Music & Game Design)

Music (Menu Theme and Game Theme) :