SerpenteS is a manipulation/dexterity 2D game : the player controls a two-headed snake, each end of which is directed by a stick on the controller.
It was created with a team of 6 students as a first year project in the ENJMIN school.

It received an honorable mention at the 2013 IGF in the student category, and received the first prize of the  MontpellierInGame 2012 Game Critics contest (jury : Eric Chahi, Fréderic Raynal, John Nesky and Vicent Dondaine.), as well as the student award at EIGD 2014.

 My work on SerpenteS :

– Search for a strong audio personality for the main character
– Balancing of the frustration due to a hardcore dexterity gameplay with fun and rewarding feedbacks
– Sound integration in Wwise + C# scripting of the audio behavior of the snake, by analysis of the physics engine’s data
– Creation of immersive ambiance and music
– Silly voice acting !


Project Manager : Jean-Patrick Gallon
Game Design : Rémi Boutin
Graphics : Tiphaine Chazeau
Programmation : Jean-Patrick Gallon, Chris Poinet
User experience : Lucas Houerou
Sound Design, Music : myself

Game Engine : XNA
Sound Engine : Wwise
Physics : Farseer