ColdWood is a multiplayer game conceived and prototyped during my 3-month internship at the SAT in Montréal. It was designed for the Satosphere, an immersive dome-like theater with a 360° spheric screen and a 150-speaker Meyer soundsystem.

In ColdWood, several players (3 to 10) have to go across a dark forest, haunted by hostile ghosts. Each participant is given an iPhone and has to fulfill a specific role among the following :

– Scout (half of the players) : the player uses the iPhone as a torchlight to see the surroundings and detect ghosts.
– Fighter (half of the players) : the player uses the iPhone as a gun to shoot ghosts and prevent them from closing up and attacking.
–  Guide (only one player) : the player points with his iPhone to move the whole team in the level.