Ghost Recon Wildlands

Ghost Recon Wildlands is an open-world multiplayer shooter by Ubisoft.


My work on Ghost Recon Wildlands :

- Asset creation :

  • Responsible for the whole ambience production (Ambiences, Weather, Animal herds, Water..)
  • Bullet feedbacks, Impacts, Grenades

- System design & integration :

  • Multilayer responsive ambiences with procedural zoning system
  • Reverb & Occlusion design
  • Dynamic Echo feature for voices & weapons (prototyping & design)
  • Dynamic wind & rain system (based on topology, obstacles & props)
  • Weapons layering & propagation
  • Animal “bulks” system
  • Virtual microphone system (for zoom/focus effects)

- Pipeline specifications (interfacing Wwise & internal engine)

- Optimization, profiling, performance & memory strategies

- Technical overviewing, integration maintenance & monitoring…



Ambiance showcase

Yungas jungle ambience (sunny then rainy)

Pine Forest ambience

Rain and distant voices

Swamp ambience with distant voices (30 first seconds of the video)